Examining tube mill roll tooling, setup, and maintenance

A straight edge works best on small mills. On both large and small mills, an optical scope with cross- hair sight can be used for better accuracy. Vertical alignment can be checked with short, straight edges or with similar top and bottom slugs that can be depth-milked from one face to another.

Rafter Announces Mill Alignment Services | Rafter Equipment

Strongsville, Ohio, USA, April 25, 2019 – Rafter Equipment Corporation announced today it has added Mill Alignments to its Total Mill Solutions range of services. Regular alignment of a tube mill or rollformer is essential to maximize mill speed, maintain product quality, and reduce scrap. Rafter's Mill Alignment service includes, but is not limited to: Pre-alignment mill evaluation ...

Pipeline Construction | FAQs

Problems with pre-heating and pipe alignment (misalignment of the pipe bevels) have also contributed to inadequate welds. Revised: 6/15/12. 14. Isn't non-destructive testing required after welding? ... They must also assure that steel and pipe mills, fitting and hot bend manufacturers have, and follow, quality management programs designed to ...

Pipe Alignment Clamps

Benefits of Pipe Alignment Clamps: Ratchet closure for speed and ease of aligning pipe ends. Precision machined to facilitate a close tolerance alignment for welding. Heavier and larger crossbars to assure straight alignment between the two joints of pipe. Wider stance for the roundabouts or sides of the clamp insure a firmer and more secure …

Profit Pointer for Tube Mill Alignment

Mill Bases Before You Begin This check must be made first. The forming and sizing mill bases must be level in length as well as width. These sections must be in alignment with each other, as well as with all auxiliary equipment, such as entry guide, weld box, ironing pass, cooling system, and cut off system.

Double Turks Head Setup and ...

Please see our web site, for more technical articles and video rants on the integrity, alignment, set up, operation and trouble shooting of tube and pipe mills. Roll-Kraft also offers tube and pipe tooling as well as tube and pipe training seminars and on-site training.

Engineering services for Cold rolling mill, saw pipe mill ...

Erection - Alignment & maintenance of Cold Rolling and Saw Pipe Mill.Solar Energy setup includes complete structure installation, alignment and retro-fitting. Engineering services for Cold rolling mill, saw pipe mill & Solar energy. Welcome to Rai & Shah. We are specialist in engineering services.

Laser Mill Alignment Is Precision Personified

Jan 04, 2017· The performance of the roll former and the tube mill have been revolutionized by the rapid progress of laser mill alignment technology in recent years. It wasn't long ago that machine tool calibration and alignment methods required an indefinite number of days, even weeks, to complete. Not anymore, not with a laser. Furthermore, the lifetime […]


The tack welded pipe is welded on the inside and outside by the multi-electrode SAW method. The SAW machine used in this operation is capable of performing all welding operations automatically from receipt of the tack welded pipe and the seam alignment to delivery of the welded pipe.

Welded Tube Pros Laser Assisted Rollformer Mill Alignments

In Tube / Pipe mill environment laser alignments are performed to 300 foot overall distances in one setup with a repeatable accuracy reading to + / - 0.001". Q: Why use a …

Tube Mill Systems

Tube mill inspection, alignment and reconditioning services for your applications. We partner with Tube and Pipe manufacturers to solve problems and provide solutions. ... Addison Machine Engineering, Inc. is a preimer supplier to the tube and pipe, and roll form industries supplying complete systems, roll tooling, reconditioning services and ...

Practical Alignment Tools and Techniques

Practical Alignment Tools and Techniques Bruce Lehmann Sr. Engineer, Thin Kerf Technologies Inc Accurate sawing requires attention to proper alignment and maintenance. Alignment is critical to modem sawmills using thin kerf saws. In fact, the improvements in machine design were critical to the develop-ment of thin kerf sawing systems.

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Edge Preparation and Alignment for Welding of Pipes » The ...

Internal Clamps for Pipe Alignment. A wire spacer of suitable diameter may be used for maintaining the weld root opening while tacking, but it must be removed after tack welding and before laying the root bead. For pipes of wall thickness 5 mm and above, the ends to be welded shall be secured in position with the aid of couplers, yokes and 'C ...

T&H Lemont

Scope Mill Alignment Process. A "SCOPE" Mill Alignment is an exclusive, 2-to-3 day mill alignment service from T&H Lemont. It is available to all manufacturers of tube, pipe and rollform sections. The special techniques used in a "SCOPE" alignment have been developed and perfected by T&H Lemont's engineers on new mill systems.

Preparing Your Tube or Pipe Mill for Alignment | T&H Lemont

Oct 18, 2018· Probably the last thing on your mind is scheduling a service call, but indeed mill services and Tube or Pipe Mill Alignment are necessary from time to time to remain competitive and profitable. That being said, an annual service visit with an alignment isn't the only maintenance needed to keep a mill running efficiently.

Pipe Strain/Stress

Aug 28, 2019· If alignment has moved then you have pipe stress. Do the same for the inlet flange. Make corrections as stated in the following procedures to eliminate pipe stress. Elimination of Pipe Stress – "The Ricky Smith Method for Pipe Stress" as learned from Dan Turner (my maintenance and engineering manager at Exxon during my career in the 1970s)

Mill Alignment from Rafter Equipment Corporation

Mill Alignment Sue Marous 2020-01-02T17:06:50-05:00 Mill Alignment Rafter offers comprehensive alignment solutions by our expert technicians utilizing the most advanced laser metrology technology available – the Leica Absolute Tracker AT403.

Welded Tube Pros Laser Assisted Welded Tube Mill Alignments

"The End to End Alignment Service" Your tube & pipe mill is a tool holder. When rollshaft shoulders are out of alignment so are the tools mounted on them. Operating without the proper mill alignment accelerates wear on roll tooling.

Pipe Mill Alignment

Pipe Mill Alignment; Examining tube mill roll tooling, setup, and . If the mill is out of alignment, its roll tooling will never be used to full capacity. In today's workplace, lost production time resulting from emergency maintenance is no longer acceptable. Properly maintained roll tooling and mills that are aligned regularly can result in ...

Tube Mills and Pipe Mills

Tube Mills and Pipe Mills. Designing and manufacturing tube and pipe mills is a core product for Rafter Equipment. With over a century of experience in building mills, we can surely provide you with a custom tube mill to suit your specific application.

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Pipe and tube mills are particularly challenging because torch alignment and full penetration welds are critical for success. Whether you wish to weld spiral pipe or longitudinal pipe, we develop an individual welding system adapted to your needs.

Steel & Metals Metrology, Steel Mill Alignment

The production of steel is a complex science that requires precise process controls, reliability maintenance and proper mechanical alignment. The versatility of laser based coordinate measurement systems has provided production facilities with the ability to inspect, analyze and correct alignment issues in a fast and efficient manner.

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Mill Alignment January 8th 2020 Now that we are in the New Year with new budgets and new production schedules you should look to minimize down time and reduce the amount of scrap for your mills. Chat Online; Tube Mills and Pipe MillsRafter Equipment. Tube Mills and Pipe Mills. Designing and manufacturing tube and pipe mills is a core product ...

Tooling Alignment

May 11, 2010· Roll-Kraft's Robert Sladky discusses checking shoulder alignment and parallel of tooling when installed on a tube mill, pipe mill or roll forming mill. Learn more at

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T&H Lemont is a Custom Manufacturer of Tube and Pipe Mills, Roll Tooling for Tube, Pipe & Roll Forming Industries. T&H Lemont provides a variety of components and services to the tube, pipe and roll-forming industries. Services include tube and pipe roll design, mill alignment …

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SMS group - Website Plants Process Tube and pipe making Technologies that form the lifelines of our globalized world SMS group has more than 130 years of experience in the production of tubes and pipes and is the only provider able to offer the full line of products and services for steel tube production.

Single Point Adjustment

Jul 30, 2010· Robert Sladky explains how you can reduce set-up time by 75% by using a single point adjustment on your tube mill or pipe mill. Learn more at

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