EPC project general contracting

EPC stands for general project contracting, also known as "turnkey project". This mode is often used in the field of engineering construction. Generally speaking, the projects that adopt the EPC project general contracting mode are generally projects with large investment scale, long construction period, relatively complex technology, and many uncertain factors. Therefore, this also puts forward high requirements on the overall strength of the contractor.

GCM has been rooted in the field of crushing and grinding for many years. It has rich experience in EPC project general contracting and strong comprehensive strength. In recent years, many domestic and overseas client companies have chosen Shibang Group's EPC project general contracting service, and the projects have been successfully accepted.

EPC has clear responsibilities and powers, overall planning

The scope of work and responsibilities are clear, and the responsibilities and risks during the construction period can be transferred to the contractor to a large extent

The total contract price and construction period of the EPC project are fixed, and the investment and construction period are relatively clear, which is conducive to cost and schedule control

The use of EPC projects is conducive to giving play to the advantages of all parties in the project management and achieving the goals of project management

The owner can be freed from specific affairs, pay attention to the major factors affecting the project, and ensure the direction of project management