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RTV Internally Fed Rotating Drum Screens are suitable for pre-treatment of both municipal and industrial waste water treatment, as well as MBR plants. RTV Drum Screens are made up of a tank and a spiral connected to the drum for conveying of screenings. The drum is manufactured from a perforated stainless steel sheet.

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Hydro-Dyne Center Flow, Through-Flow, MultiRake Screens & Onsite Screen Sizing Pilot. Great White Center Flow Screen is an efficient mechanical band screen on the market to filter water and wastewater from .5 to 25mm round diameter, square mesh or slotted openings. Very low headlosses and all stainless steel and UHMWPE grids make these center entrance, side discharge screens suitable for a ...


Oct 14, 2016· Drum Screen Drumtec Wastewater video ... Aquatechnobel 144,112 views. 8:48. All Things Water Course I, Activated Sludge - Duration: 32:13 ... Wastewater Treatment and Sludge Dewatering ...

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Mar 20, 2018· The smallest type of screening in wastewater treatment is micro screening. These screens are typically low-speed drum screens. The drums are lined with filtering fabrics with openings of 10 to 35µm. Wastewater enters the drum, and the retained solid waste is collected and disposed of. Fine Screening in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Rotary Drum Screens

Rotary Drums Screens CST supplies a range of internally fed Rotary Drum Screens. Our screens consist of a wedgewire drum inside which is an internal feed tank. Flow passes into the internal feed tank and overflows the weir. The internal feed tank has the function of controlling velocities and reducing the force of the flow […]


Jacopa: at the heart of wastewater treatment. Jacopa is founded on many of the best known, most respected and reliable wastewater treatment brands in the industry. Our large installed base of products keeps wastewater treatment plants beating and performing across the UK and Ireland.


ProTechtor ® In Channel Perforated Drum Screens; ProTechtor ® Internally Fed Drum Screens; ProTechtor ® Multi-Rake Bar Screens; ProTechtor ® Perforated Plate Filter Screens; ProTechtor ® Screenings Washer Compactors; ProTechtor ® Static Screens; ProTechtor ® Traveling Grit & Grease Bridges; ProTechtor ® XGT Vortex Grit Removal Systems ...

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With screen apertures from 0.2mm to 6.0mm, Ovivo drum screens are suitable for a variety of applications from raw sewage to fine screening of water/wastewater. Zero carryover, and the highest screening capture ratios in the industry make Ovivo drum screens …

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The Pre-MBR Spiramatic VSA Rotating Drum Screens consist of a rotating drum screen, a conveyor screw, and a compaction zone. The fine screen drum can be made up of a set of steel bars as wedge wire to determines the desired slot width or of a perforated sheet with fixed perforation hole diameter to control the screening.

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Its working principle is same as a drum screen but its mesh size ranges from 15-64 mm to remove very fine suspended matters (Algae in Water Treatment Plant). Jets of water are used for cleaning through spraying. The diameter of strainers range from 0.8 m to 3 m, having rotational speed of 0.075 - …

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The drum rotary screen is installed on the roller screen machine. Drive the internal blades by motor to compress the filtration subjects and separate the particles and liquid with rotary drum wire screen (wedge wire screen). Click for detailed working principle of rotary drum screen in water treatment…


More than 50 years of development, experience and innovations . Lackeby Products AB has more than 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-performance products for resource-efficient energy recovery and wastewater recycling.

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Jan 22, 2015· HUBER Drum Screen LIQUID - Animation - Duration: 4:29. HUBER SE 131,885 views. ... WASTEMASTER MIT - Waste water mini treatment plant - Duration: 2:10. WAMGROUP SPA 38,926 views.

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Static wedgewire screens are typically used in industrial wastewater treatment facilities and small municipal plants. Compared to static wedgewire screens, drum screens can handle a large flow rate in a smaller footprint. Rotary drum screens can either be internally or externally fed.

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The High Performance Rotary Drum Screen. The Roto-Sieve ® rotary drum screen is an internally fed, self cleaning, inclined drum screen. With over 4000 units installed globally, the Roto-Sieve ® has unsurpassed quality, reliability, and performance in the marketplace.. In municipal wastewater treatment applications, the Roto-Sieve ® rotary drum screen is renowned as a fine screen to protect ...


WesTech offers equipment and working solutions for water, wastewater and industrial applications. We will make your next project a success. Learn more!

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For the complete product range in India focusing mainly on Screening, Sludge thickening and Sludge dewatering in water and waste water treatment plants. Our Service staff are trained at the Principal's works for providing up to date Service.

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Drumtec is an internally fed rotary drum screen. Wastewater flows into the drum, where a deflector divides it evenly. Influent water passes through the perforated plate, which screens solids from the flow. A large flight auger carries the waste to the end of the drum, where it empties into an integrated washer/compactor or directly into a dumpster.

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Cup and Drum Screens for Pump, Condenser, and Treatment Protection: WTR ® Cup and Drum Screens are a cost-effective means for fine screening of raw water. They are used in all types of applications where continuous screening is required and protection of downstream equipment is essential, including power plant raw water intakes (fossil and nuclear), industrial raw water, potable …

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Water Treatment Equipment Rotary Drum Filter Screen for sewage Treatment Water Treatment Equipment Rotary Drum Filter Screen for sewage Treatment is composed of a case made up of stainless steel plate and section bars. The solids separation occurs there: the solids are kept and made to rotate by the external surface of the rotating filter, and ...

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Dec 28, 2017· Drum screens. In this type the screening or straining medium is mounted on a cylinder that rotates in the flow channel. The wastewater flows into either end of drum and flows out through the screen outlet with the solids are being collected on this interior or into the top of the unit.

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For Externally Fed Rotary Drum Screens, the raw influent enters a headbox which distributes the flow evenly across the full length of the rear, upper external surface of the rotating drum. As water passes through the screen, solids are retained on the outside of the screen drum and are carried by rotation around to the front of the screen ...

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With screen apertures from 0.2mm to 6.0mm, Ovivo drum screens are suitable for a variety of applications from raw sewage to fine screening of water/wastewater. Zero carryover, and the highest screening capture ratios in the industry make Ovivo drum screens …

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With more than 1,000 installations, Rotoshear ® is a proven high-capacity fine screening technology for municipal wastewater treatment plants and many industries for various applications.. In wastewater treatment plants, the Hycor ® Rotoshear ® unit is renowned as an internally fed rotary screen for pretreatment and primary treatment to replace primary clarifiers.

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To minimize problems, preliminary treatment is required for Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRFs) to remove, reduce, or transform wastewater constituents in the raw influent. Headworks screening and grit removal are parts of the preliminary treatment of municipal wastewater. This fact sheet ... DRUM SCREENS Low screenings ...

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The JAGTAP Rotary Screen is equipped with internal spray nozzles to removed grease, fats and other contaminant build-up from the screen openings. The JAGTAP Rotary Screen is used in a wide variety of industrial process and municipal waste water pre-treatment application, including: Used in many industries like for Solid Liquid Separation.

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Rotary Drum Thickener. view. Industrial. ... We are a leading provider of equipment and solutions for water and wastewater treatment and branded around the core business of "Treating Water Right." Learn more. History. view. ... Fine Screen Wastewater Treatment . Cover Page Image Media

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Channel Drum Screens Channel Drum Screens are widely used in wastewater treatment of municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater, food processing industry, paper making industry, ect. This equipment can remove the scum, short fiber and suspended solids from the water …

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