Our conveyors can be designed to incorporate cooling fans, which are neatly housed underneath the conveyor belt surface. Typically used in the plastic moulding industry. Cooling Conveyors are tailor designed to suit customer application requirements. Cooling Conveyors offer a highly effective solution for product cooling control through 22% open mesh belt. Available in a wide […]

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Titan's Cooling & Drying Conveyor significantly increases efficiencies in die casting. It eliminates mist in cooling hot die castings, and it replaces water quench and reduces cool down time. It's designed to interface with existing conveyor systems and is custom engineered from standard components.


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The heart of the system for portioning without a refrigerated room: The food distribution conveyor with convection cooling. Specifically directed, refrigerated air flows from the side slits and forms a shroud of air which keeps the food on the conveyor below +10 °C (HACCP-compliant).

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In addition, we can insulate the conveyor system to control the cooling process temperature while potentially saving energy as well. We offer a variety of belt surface materials including wire mesh, chain or slat and hinged steel belts that are offered in a wide range of widths and lengths to meet your specific application needs.

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This type of system is in-line managed and perfect for conveying any type of packaged or bulk food product. The room cooling system, ideal for processing industrial quantities of products, is bespoke designed to meet individual production requirements, optimizing space …

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Cooling Conveyor Unit. Manufacturer: Blanchard-ness Stainless steel 20″ wide wire conveyors – 3 layers Infeed height 50½", discharge height 31¼" Top and bottom conveyors 144″ long Middle conveyor 120″ long 10″ drop height from one conveyor to the other Conveyors p...

Cooling and Freezing Conveyors

The cooling and freezing conveyors with endless steel belts are employed in the production of food. The care put into the design of the key components, such as the tension terminal and the belt tracking device, makes these machines particularly suitable to work in quite severe conditions with temperatures varying from – 60°C to + 100°c and with an efficiency close to , producing 24 ...

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Cooling Conveyor Systems. Temperature control fans push heat and cool product. Specifications. Reduce waiting time by quickly cooling down and stabilizing the product before packaging or seasoning; Flexibility of design allows units to be easily adapted to your conveyor requirements;

Cooling Conveyor System with Ribbed Belting

Cooling Conveyor System. This conveyor system cooling belt is designed for hot products. Hot items can be cooled while lifted so airflow can get underneath. The cooling belt is typically used for food, cosmetics or circuit boards. A gradient cooler is often added to the system configuration to provide an extra cooling solution.

Parts Cooling Conveyors

Parts Cooling Conveyors. Post-mold cooling can cut cycle times by quickly cooling hot parts, stabilizing them, and preventing them from deforming. ... Custom cooling enclosures can be added to almost any EMI conveyor or automatic container filling system. Cooling units can also be retro-fitted in the field on existing EMI conveyors.

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Custom cooling enclosures can be added to almost any EMI conveyor or automatic container filling system. Cooling units can also be retro-fitted in the field on existing EMI conveyors. Cooling units such as these, fitted onto the in-feed conveyor of a box filling application, maximize the savings from automated systems by allowing cycle times to ...

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Get the right custom cooling conveyor system from Span Tech. This custom-designed spiral cooling conveyor solved a big problem for our client with a cost-effective, non-traditional solution. See how we can help design your custom cooling conveyor, or any conveyor system, at Span Tech Conveyors.

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Cooling Tunnels & Conveyors A BCH cooling tunnel or process conveyor can be incorporated into a full process line using a fast and simple installation. Originally designed for the specialist high temperature and rapid cooling requirements of extruded liquorice confections, BCH has launched a modular range of conveyors and tunnels for the ...

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Cooling conveyors can be manufactured to simply give the products an extended period of time to cool by allowing for accumulation and slower conveying prior to the next packaging phase. More commonly, a fan cooling system added to the cooling conveyor will assist in the cooling process and allow containers to quickly pass to the next component ...

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The Conrolled Cooling Conveyor is used to cool the material or Billets gradually while traveling. It maintain all metallurgial properties of the job or workpiece.This Controlled Cooling Conveyor mainly used in Forging Factory,Food Factory,Heat Treating Plant.

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Industrial Freezing B.V. is a global leader in spiral freezing technologies with more than 35.000 m2 freezing and cooling equipment storage. We meet every freezing requirement through: complete solutions, outstanding quality, service included as a trustworthy partner. View our products now.

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PAN SYSTEMS: Oven infeed and discharge conveyors, wire belt systems, pushers and indexing devices, dual strand pan handling systems. PRODUCT HANDLING: Cooling belt systems, rejecting conveyors, accumulation tables, elevators, diverting equipment.

Biscuit Handling Systems

The system can be designed for semi- or fully-automatic feed to the wrapping machines depending on the degree of flexibility required. Cooling conveyor. This is either a single or two-tier arrangement, depending on factory layout. A two-tier system is often used when it is desirable or necessary to turn biscuits over during cooling.

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A Titan model 696 slat conveyor was modified to include special heavy slats and a powerful vortex fan system. The project was successful and a second unit was ordered for their operation. Typical Conveyors Used for Cooling and Drying Conveyors: Model 124 Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor; Model 630 Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor; Model 696 Slat Conveyor

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I.J. White Spiral Cooling Conveyor System with: Number of tiers: 13 levels Belt width: 48 inches wide Approximate conveyor length: 1,100 feet Product clearance: 3.5 inches Aluminum tubular bolted...

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Cooling & Drying Conveyor significantly increases efficiencies in die casting. It eliminates mist in cooling hot die castings, and it replaces water quench and reduces cool down time. It's designed to interface with existing conveyor systems and is custom engineered from standard components.

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Nercon has provided cooling conveyors up to 84" wide and more than 250 ft. long. To maximize cooling over a shorter distance, Nercon has also manufactured cooling tunnels. For the health and beauty industries, Nercon has engineered manufacturing lines that include product handling of molten gel products where cooling has been accomplished in ...

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Mar 10, 2016· 20" Wide x 144" Long, stainless steel, poly mesh belt, cooling tunnel. Equipped with a hooded top cover, 4" high product containment rails, and a 5" wide x 10" long discharge.

Heat Transfer Screw Conveyor

A properly designed system will be very cost-effective when compared to other heating and cooling screw conveyors. KWS designs and manufactures heating and cooling auger conveyors to meet the needs of many industries, such as Chemical, Minerals Processing, Food, Power and …

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These forging cooling conveyors are designed with controlled cooling, which cools the parts immediately and individually to provide a homogenous structure. This upgraded post-production procedure offers a superior product while eliminating the need for …

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Optional cooling fans and fan brackets, mounted under the conveyor belt, are available to assist in the cooling process. E-PAK's Cooling Conveyors are commonly used in conjunction with E-PAK's Molten Product Fillers, Pre-Heaters, Re-Melt Stations, and Transfer Shuttles in complete packaging systems.

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Equipped with a 27" wide x 3" high aperture, 245" long stainless steel cooling chamber with (4) easy access, flip up / clamp down side doors, 24" wide x 295" long neoprene conveyor belt and 37" in feed / discharge height. Self contained refrigeration system has …

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